Thursday, November 24, 2011

ken hamilton workshop

from a photo (11x15)

Saturday before last I went to Millville,, NJ--a nice small town with an artsy main street and a great Irish pub!--for a one-day expressive figure painting workshop with Ken Hamilton. Ken did really wonderful demos, and if you visit his website you'll see his landscapes too: I hope he'll do a landscape workshop soon.
He started by asking us to quickly sketch a generic face and paint it using a limited palette: don't agonize, he said, but of course we did. I thought it was a great way to start--to jump in and vault over the usual nervousness.
Then before lunch and before the model, who was coming from 12-3 p.m., arrived, we painted from photos. I used a photo of Ken's for the painting and determined, once again, to improve my photo taking! (I was going to paint the dress, but decided against it--for now!)

Jamie, from life (11x15)

After lunch, which I had at the Irish pub, of course, stew and ale, the model, Jamie, arrived: a lovely young woman with the most translucent blue-green eyes--and a fabulous beret.
I enjoyed drawing her very much and marveled at, again once again,  how much I enjoy drawing.
This was my last painting of the day. Jaime's sweater had a big ruffle, which was fun to draw and paint. I've decided to leave this one just as it is.
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RH Carpenter said...

For the longest time, I couldn't see these - so glad whatever wasn't working is now working and I can enjoy the paintings. Love the final one - there is something very unique and interesting about the position of the last one and the long, graceful arms ending in a vignetting style. Happy Thanksgiving!

Ann Buckner said...

Love the figure work. Sounds like a very good workshop as does the Irish Pub. :)

Barbara M. said...

Well I just love your work. What awesome portraits. I love the way you use colour and form.

XO Barbara


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