Wednesday, August 17, 2011

end-of-summer crunch

A quick (unfinished) sketch of some backyard trees is all I've been able to manage lately.
Every year the end of August is a mad dash to do everything I'd been planning to do all summer; and it's usually a busy time for me with work too.

Below is a little painting I donated to an auction to raise money for ALS research; the auction's on Labor Day: I hope it brings in some money!

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debwardart said...

The painting is charming; it always makes you feel good when you do a kind act - hope it sells!

Melanie said...

i know that crunch feeling well!!! i am such a procrastinator anyway.
Your painting looks lovely framed :)

AutumnLeaves said...

At least you are getting things done, Laura, one way or 't'other! More than I am managing these days. I hope the painting brings in some big money too! ALS? Is that Lou Gehrig's disease?

A Brush with Color said...

I totally get that crunch feeling--this is our busiest season at school, and that's coupled with my planning for all my fall travels, so it's insane. I find it so hard to carve out painting time, so I'll enjoy the beauties you've posted. I bet the boats painting will sell quickly--it's lovely, Laura!

Good luck with all you're juggling.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Laura,

Everyone is in the same boat right now. Love the start of the sketch. Great work.

XO Barbara

Diana said...

hi Laura, love your boats and your beginning of your trees. I know it gets super busy and then where does the summer go. here the light is changing.. just wish we had some rain.. I'm tired of watering. take care, Love,Diana

Paulo Duarte said...

Já à muito não visitava o teu Blogue "Watercolors".
Gosto muito deste longo processo, marcante e adorável simplesmente.
Continuação de bons momentos de criação e felicidades.

Sherry Pierce Thurner said...

I hear you Laura! Late August and early September sends everyone in a flurry of trying to get everything done all at once. I'm sure your boat painting will raise some good money for a worthy cause.