Saturday, April 09, 2011


Third and final go at the Daily Paintworks challenge to paint a white object on a patterned ground.
I do love patterned fabrics and papers, but, while I've accumulated a number of each, I rarely paint them ... Must be laziness: the idea of putting in the work to reproduce the pattern puts me off, or maybe it's the time it would take--I think that's it. I'm shorter than usual on time lately: I work for myself and so work a lot (and when I have no work then I spend all my time worrying about having no work!) ... the dog's old and sick, the yard's a wreck, and I'm tearing up the living room and dining room floors.


Marie Theron said...

Excellent study, laura! How well the whites contrast with the patterns!

Susan H said...

So YOU had the probs and now YOU have the solutions--which leaves the rest of us HAPPILY free to marvel at the results! I love yesterday's bottom one most, I think because the blacks are somehow "softer"--but still black enough without taking over. And that pattern is a real knockout--looks like a Marimekko?

Cathy Gatland said...

I love the patterns, and how they're reflected in the white pot in various ways. I used to enjoy painting patterns too but now can't find time or energy (got the old dog, the wrecked yard and erratic work demands)- in fact to paint anything! Glad you've sorted out your techie problems!


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