Saturday, March 12, 2011

touch of spring

The last two days--sunny, 50 degrees--have brought on spring fever. I had to stay in and work, but I went to the store and bought a small bunch of daffodils from Ireland; mine aren't up yet.
I painted these without drawing first, which helps me from getting too rigid ... although I did overdo these just a bit, as you can see from the in-progress one, below.

The daily poem from

The Uses of Poetry
by William Carlos Williams

I've fond anticipation of a day
O'erfilled with pure diversion presently,
For I must read a lady poesy
The while we glide by many a leafy bay,

Hid deep in rushes, where at random play
The glossy black winged May-flies, or whence flee
Hush-throated nestlings in alarm,
Whom we have idly frighted with our boat's long sway.

For, lest o'ersaddened by such woes as spring
To rural peace from our meek onward trend,
What else more fit? We'll draw the latch-string

And close the door of sense; then satiate wend,
On poesy's transforming giant wing,
To worlds afar whose fruits all anguish mend.
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marnold said...

Lovely Daffydills. Perfect for closing the door on sense.

Liana Yarckin said...

love your daffodils. great compositions and very nice style.

RH Carpenter said...

A delicate reminder of spring - yes, it will come!! Today, windy and sunny and warm - can't ask for anything more. Beautiful work, as always, Laura.

Carol Blackburn said...

You've really captured that crepe-papery look these wonderful flowers have.

AutumnLeaves said...

I think they are beautiful, Laura!

Art with Liz said...

Beautiful daffies! Spring there means Autumn here - oh dear!

shl said...

Whaddaya MEAN "as [we] can see from the in-progress one"? What I see is a satisfying bringing-to-a-more-realized level, not even a BIT of "overworking"! Love the poem--was also suddenly reminded of a charming song by E.Y. Harburg & Sammy Fain, called "The Springtime Cometh"--part of whose lyrics go: "The springtime cometh, hummingbird hummeth, chrysanthemumeth..."--which you're VERY lucky you can't hear me sing! :)

davisart said...

lovely daffodils, beautiful, Diana

Sadami said...

Dear Laura,
Sooooo beautiful! Absolutely lovely!!
Cheers, Sadami

A Brush with Color said...

Love these daffodils, Laura--I've told myself I'm goign to tackle them yet again this year--you'll inspire me (well, and intimidate me, too!)

deepazartz said...

Bright bunch of daffodils...and a nice poem to go along.

Jane said...

Fabulous them, and now I have them in the garden , too!


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