Tuesday, September 28, 2010

wip: mia

I thought I'd better start another painting trying to do what I did in Ted's class before I forget everything; I hope it's not too late!
I did this drawing of my niece, who's now grown with a son of her own; her pose and expression are pure Mia.
Unfortunately for me, the painter, she has the family's characcteristic fine wispy hair! A thick, straight bob would be so much easier!
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Sparrowhawk said...

the colours are uniquely different, love the eyes and expression

Michael said...

I think you got some of the wispiness. Mia's eyes really glow. (I've rarely seen you with such a warm color palette. If not for the background, I might not recognize the violet Laura of days gone by.)

Charlene Brown said...

This is really delightful, Laura. And thanks for providing a nice big enlargement so we can really see all the exquisite details -- you learned your lessons well, and don't seem to have forgotten anything!




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