Sunday, September 12, 2010

wip: melyssa

This is Peter's daughter, Melyssa. I took the picture, in which her eyes are in deep shadow, so I'm inventing a bit.
I started this last night (and photographed it then too, which is why the photo on the bottom is so much warmer), and this morning realized that, although her lips really are very defined, it didn't work in the painting, or at least not the way I drew them. So I've done some lifting, esp on the top lip.
The next step will probably be the hair, which in this case is daunting: Melyssa has deep auburn hair that shimmers with myriad colors in the sunlight! Many times I've been amazed at the depth and variety of colors, from golden, coppery red to russet: it's truly gorgeous.

After this one, I think I'll take a break from painting people to conserve some energy for Ted Nuttall's class, which starts Wednesday! I'm still working on making drawings; I'd like to have as many as possible to work on for the three-day workshop.

It would have been a nice break to paint some Victorian architecture in Cape May this weekend, but yesterday, which was a glorious day for plein air painting, I intended to join the class after lunch but, though I drove all around Cape May I couldn't find where the class had gone to paint, and finally gave up. Today is wet and gray, so I think I'll concentrate on getting some paying work done while I have a chance.


truerecord said...

I think you must be ready for the class. All your portraits have been fabulous. Remember not to show up the teacher. Teachers hate that.

shl said...

I 100% second the motion, and those of us who also know Laura HAVE to chuckle at how "well taken" your advice is. (Wanna bet she STILL doesn't believe us?) :)

Carol said...

Oh no, I was really looking forward to meeting you in person! In the morning, the group went out to Sunset Beach to paint rocks, but my daughter & I came back to work on Howard St. We were there all afternoon down the block from the Chalfonte (white house with turrets). You must have driven right past us. Today we sat around on the Chalfonte's porch. Have fun in your Nuttall class. Your portrait is, again, another beauty. Marge, btw, is thinking of taking a class to Tuscany. Wouldn't that be wonderful!

A Brush with Color said...

You're going to do really well in class. I hope you enjoy him--I really did, Laura. I learned a lot from him, watching and listening to things he said. Wish I could go! Your portraits look fabulous already! You won't be so intimidated to try them since you've done a number already!

Cathy Gatland said...

Laura, all your practice portraits are so good, this one in particular - I'll be interested to see how the workshop impacts your style and wish I could join you at just one of them! Have a great time working so hard, take your vitamins!

Barbra Joan said...

Oh yes Laura, you are on a roll and a good one at that.! So happy for you ... You'll do good at your class and then be even better!

lexa michaels said...

This is amazing! I currently do Face Paint Designs for Kids and I can certainly use this as inspiration for my art.


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