Thursday, September 30, 2010

what now?

After my intensive two weeks of paintings, I find myself here at home wondering what to do now!
Yesterday I took a little break to try to loosely fiddle around with the faces from the Unhappy Couple.
Each face is about 3 inches high.

By the way, did you know this is National Banned Books week? I was looking at a list of books that have at one time or another been banned from schools in the U.S. and trying to see if I could find a common denominator. Nonconformity or any taint of "outsiderness" seems to be a red flag. Oh, and sex!
Banned Books weeks ends October 2, but I'm heading to the library tomorrow to get a banned book I never read, Fahrenheit 451. Apparently, after the book was banned from schools, the publisher sold a sanitized to schools for years--without Ray Bradbury's knowledge or consent!

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Carol Blackburn said...

Oh, I saw the movie based on the book Fahrenheit 451. It was very interesting. I bet you'll find it interesting too. I've been puttering with my watercolors today too. Taking some of those pictures down from my bulletin board and having a go at them. It's been interesting.

Jeanette said...

Sometimes puttering leads to wonderful discoveries.

Banned books huh? Well, I'll have find something suitable prohibitive to read! :)

A Brush with Color said...

These are great, Laura. I like seeing you develop each piece--you're doing a remarkable job! Keep it up. Years ago, I read Fahrenheit 451, and now I'm wondering which version I read!

Cathy Gatland said...

These are beautiful loose studies (could earn you another thump on the back from C.R!:)
What a great week to recognise... South Africa must have claimed the dummy prize back in the bad old days for banning 'Black Beauty' as some zealous official decided it must be referring to indigenous womanhood!


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