Monday, June 14, 2010

last monday ...


You know you're in trouble when your post title is "Last Monday" ... Finished my assignment from last week, just like I finished my school assignments all my life: at the last minute.
In the larger one I was trying, as you know, to convey a sense of space, and I think it's successful (thought that middle ground area still confounds me), but the quick sketch below may be even more successful, atmospherically speaking.
I always feel that to be an "artist"--and this is why I call myself a "painter"--you have to think and have an idea and a plan, but for me anyway, there can be too much planning and thinking.

As in this little still life. I wanted to paint one of the beautiful (and big and comfortable) mugs my brother sent me from Asheville, NC, so I put it on the table and was about to start, then I thought I'd add something ... and something more ... I wish I'd left just the mug!


Looks like it'll be a nice, if hot, day for plein air. I really am looking forward to it. It's a great challenge, as well as a pleasure, so much so that whether you come home with a painting you're pleased with or not doesn't matter.
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Melanie Rawlings said...

I know what you mean about last minute. I'm taking a drawing class. We're not graded but with all the other painting projects going on i fail to draw over the week. It is going to be hot here today thats a for sure. Please take care doing your plein air.I love what you have done here.My first experiance with plein and water verse the southern heat, is to paint in the shade as quick as possible..haha Take care

Cristina said...

Hi Laura, I want to tell you that I have always loved your paintings immediacy!
I understand deeply what you means with "too much planning and thinking"... every time I try to do this I fail and make a stiff painting. So I paint without planning, but masters teach us in other way... Ciao!
(sorry for my uncertain english!)

A Brush with Color said...

Well, you've been prolific, Laura! These are great. I don't know what it is about landscapes that confound me. I know all the "rules" for what to do, but I can't do it for the life of me, so I'm always in awe of folks who do. Love the mug and the Grits. When I first moved to the south, I could say that word very quickly, but some people here make it a 3 syllable word--"greeeeeeeiiiiits." Cracks me up.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I call myself, "last minute Lucy" and I totally love up to it.
I love your watercolors, Laura and can completely relate to I should've just painted the cup ;) It's not a bad still life though.

Penny said...

I suppose we can always see the failings in our own work but I cant see a lot wrong with yours, they are lovely and I wish I could do as well.
Having said that I am neither an artist or art teacher but buy what I like.

truerecord said...

I like your distinction between artist and painter. Clearly, I'm in with the later -- if anywhere. I sometimes think while I'm painting but even that's rare, and when it happens, less than successful.

I like the sparkly water in the smaller sketch very much. I thought yesterday that it was intended as the foreground, with the rocks intended as the middle.

AutumnLeaves said...

I love each of your landscapes, Laura. The shape and color of the mug is so pretty!

Barbra Joan said...

Laura, You 'are' an Artist with a Capital A!! I think I've told you before that just your knowledge of color is what makes your paintings always look like "yes, this is what I wanted all along" they have that sparkle.
Your work always looks like it just happened ( I do know that it's not always that way) and if I lived near by I'd be taking lessons from you.. I'm so happy to have my computer back, my move fiasco over and hope I didn't forget how to paint.

Liana Yarckin said...

i like the colors in the mug! they wouldn't be there if everything else wasn't.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the middle sketch because of its lost and found edges and the sparkle in the water. It's nice and loose and fresh looking.

padmaja said...

Hi Laura, I like the luminosity that you create in each of your work, enjoyed all of them! This landscape is amazing!


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