Thursday, June 24, 2010

"fellow learner"

As happens so often the kind and thoughtful people who have left comments on my blog post have presented ideas and perspectives to me that I hadn't come to on my own. Thanks to them I have a new perspective. Since I'm not so happy painting lately, perhaps I need to just look. Concentrate on learning, replenishing, not producing.

I watched a good dvd a couple of nights ago, a documentary on the composer Philip Glass called Glass--the post title is a phrase from the film. Glass himself is charming and I found myself applying a lot of what he said about creativity and composing to painting.

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Charlene Brown said...

This is a lovely, thoughtfully-written piece, Laura. I always enjoy and appreciate your 'look' at art and the beautiful things in life.

shl said...

If only we could all "look" at--and then SEE ourselves--as clearly as you do! I guess what really matters is that we go on being "fellow learners" in the sense you meant.

About Glass's probably now 4th ex(!), if the filmmakers'd wanted to cut her comments, they would or could've, so maybe they thought it added to their "honesty"?

PS. Was just "taken" by the current word verification nonword--"exhura"--reads almost like the Lt. in STAR TREK!

Carol said...

Lovely photos, hope your painting happiness returns soon!

AutumnLeaves said...

What beautiful photos, Laura. Replenishing. I think I need that myself.

Barbra Joan said...

Laura, I believe that we feel because we're painters that we think " oh, I should be painting" or 'whats wrong? why don't I want to paint?" Do what makes you feel peaceful and comfortable for right now. The rest will take care of itself. BJ

Anonymous said...

love these photos, great ones to gaze at and see a painting in them right away, but know that they will be there when you are ready again. we all need that time to slow down, watch, listen, breath and just be.
peace n abundance,

A Brush with Color said...

I think we all have moments when we have to step away from the painting, and all we seem to produce is disasters,... and other moments when we're digging right in and doing well. I definitely go through stages where nothing I touch is any good at all, but you're right, sometimes just looking is very smart. I like to know there are "fellow learners" out there who feel the same things. It's reassuring.


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