Friday, June 25, 2010

change of venue

It's been hot here, in the nineties, which means my upstairs, where my art room (and my office) is, is unbearable: I go up there to grab and item or two and run back down, where it's marginally cooler (I have no AC).
In fact, my painting trip to Delaware was canceled on account of the heat. :-(
The evenings have been surprisingly cool and breezy, though, which is lovely. The other night we had about an hour of rolling thunder--I usually hate thunder, but realized I hate the cracking, booming kind; the rolling thunder was actually very pleasant to listen to, something Sleepy-Hollow-like about it.
I brought this painting table down and set it up in my room, preparing for inspiration.
This was how I painted when I first started to blog: on this table, in my room. I'd start something, then leave it there and dab at it a little now and then. I like having it there.
I painted these three little studies yesterday afternoon/evening. They're each about 4x6 and on Arches paper, which I haven't used in quite awhile but am enjoying. This is cold press but the surface seems more textured than other CP papers, it also stays wet longer.
No sooner do I say one thing than I do another.

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Diana said...

Lovely, I especially like the one with the bridge Laura. it is hot! So glad today is a little cooler. Sorry you missed your trip but glad to see the paint flowing! Diana

Anonymous said...

I love the table. I have one similar but I'm rethinking design to use it this way. I like the idea of having it there ready to paint on while I am doing other things. I seem to work better that way. and standing as well. Love your work,
peace n abundance,

Sherry Pierce Thurner said...

Oh Laura, I hear you! I have a little thermometer in my bedroom, and these days it's difficult to get it down from 78-80 degrees during the day. We have AC, but we keep it set rather high, and it doesn't really do well with the upstairs of this 1939 house. Today I went up and just nodded off from the warmth. I like these little studies esp. the last one with the red boat.

RHCarpenter said...

Well, spend some time looking, definitely, Laura, if you're not happy where you are painting...but then that desire burns brightly again and you can't help but paint :) You know it's a pure flame inside won't go out if you tamp it down a while! These are beautiful...and I know what you mean about this heat - without AC, I'm not sure I'd be fit to live with!

A Brush with Color said...

Oooooh--Nice, Laura! I really like that table! All of your paintings here are lovely. We couldn't live w/o air conditioning here, it stays so hot, but near the water, maybe I could--if there are some breezes. I'll tell you, though--with the temps as high as they've been, even the a/c isn't much help--we don't keep it that cool, and it's still running constantly. I dread the next bill for this past month!

Joyfulartist said...

I love your little art table. Are they still available anywhere? Your little studies are so colorful and fun. What kind of paper do you normally use?

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Laura,
Love the lighting in the sky on the bridge painting. Looks like you were inspired by the thunderclouds rolling in. I paint on my slant desk alot more than on the easel and I just inherited my brother's drafting table which I'll set up when I have more space someday. If you ever want a good book to read, "Do One Thing Different" by Bill O'Hanlon is excellent at helping one make small changes in their lives that have a big impact for the better. I thoroughly enjoyed it when I divorced my first husband, er first mistake, as I like to call him. Wishing you a wonderful evening.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Laura,

Beautiful. Well maybe we say one thing so we can do another. I recommend window air conditioners. We struggled along forever with fans, and just couldn't manage. Now we have two window air conditioners, one upstairs and one down, supported by fans that blow the cool from one room to the rest upstairs. They work! But I just
find summer distracting. You've done great work here.

Take care,


AutumnLeaves said...

Gorgeous little pieces, Laura. I love the sense of peace permeating this post. I do alot of things in my bedroom as well...knitting, reading, and yes, art pieces. I think it is my sanctuary.

cathyswatercolors said...

Hi Laura,That's a great little drawing table. I don't know that I've ever seen one like it? HOT is a drag, we have new central air that doesn't cool our upstairs so cool nights are wonderful.
(my art room is upstairs too! I need to move it to the back porch but it is always such a mess,paper here, paint there.... What's a gal to do:)

Carol said...

Good job...looks like you got your "painting happy" back! NJ is too hot right now!

AK said...

Just as a watercolor should be. Brilliant.


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