Tuesday, March 23, 2010

following the masters

Copy of Botticelli's Portrait of a Youth (5 x7)
On her blog, Late B(l)oomer Sherry has very cleverly and thoughtfully made a blog roll of challenges; this is in response to one, Following the Masters: the current challenge, 11, is to copy or do something in the style of the Italian Renaissance. I was going to wait for a more amenable challenge--Cezanne? Matisse?--but in just two minutes of browsing Renaissance images I came upon this well-known youth, who looks, right down to the golden-brown waves and curls, very like my brother John at around twelve or thirteen.
I overdid it just a bit--losing some Botticellean delicacy in a wrongheaded pursuit of volume (he didn't think it necessary, why should I!)--and wish I had stopped way sooner ... I kept smudging around trying to get this or that "right": always a mistake!
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truerecord said...

And a bit of a resemblance to the girl in the right hand column. You seem back in the swing of painterly things. Bravo.

A Brush with Color said...

Wow! Laura, this is terrific! I immediately recognize what you used as your inspiration. As always, love your colors here. Excellent!

Barbara M. said...

Stop it! I think I've seen this
painting recently -- in Florence. If not in the big Botticelli book that my son bought me for Christmas so I could stand to live in Canada so far from Florence, Italy. And you haven't gone too far. You have to quit doing that. You are a wonderful painter. Come on!

Take care,


AutumnLeaves said...

Those eyes...you've captured something real in them, Laura. To me, that is a portrait well done.


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