Friday, March 12, 2010


I took my first walk of 2010 along the bay yesterday morning; the timing was right for beachcombing--it was low tide. Here's what I came home with: shells, beach glass, a whelk egg casing, and three pebbles.
Whenever my friend Robin visits (use to be from Key West, now from Wisconsin), one of our rituals (we have several) is to go to Cape May Point, where the ocean and bay meet, and sift through the millions of pebbles on the beach there. We're not looking for Cape May Diamonds (quartz) like everyone else, but we discovered onetime that our pebble selection was not without design. It seemed to us that the pebble you have in your hand determines which one you'll pick up next; that you unwittingly make sets.
Maybe because there are so many you need some framework to make your choices or, as I prefer to think, perhaps you just can't help it.
(Wish you were here, Robin, for beachcombing and philosophizing, and, while we're at it, quaffing.)

Last year I bought the adorable bijou box at right for something like eighty bucks; it came with 8 pans of color, and I added 4 more.
Yesterday I got the empty box at left from Wet Paint--it has 12 small wells, not pans--for fourteen dollars!
Both boxes are metal and have a thumb ring underneath.
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Hildebrand Memorial Library said...

Yes, lovely rituals! And I've found when I bring home those sets of stones and other beach treasures, I then arrange them into patterns for display. This must be how mosaics get started. Wish I was there to walk the bay beach with you, enjoy that lovely SJ spring.

Ruth S Harris said...

The way you have arranged your finds already looks like a painting!

Barbra Joan said...

Several thoughts: Your comment on my "Italy" painting was so uplifting. I've always admired your use of color and even though I'm still timid about it I find myself trying to 'get there'.
thanks for the tip on the little paint box. I wrote you a while back about the bijou box, have always wanted one. This is a great substitute.
and last but not least , I spent a lot of time years ago in Beach Haven .. very different now I'm sure from the 'late '50's'. But always loved that area. Thanks again for sharing all your works and words. I come by very often. BJ

RHCarpenter said...

Great beach finds - and a great bijou box find, too!

A Brush with Color said...

I thought at first that those beach treasures were paintings of treasures! Lovely finds. I'm a sucker for those little bijoux boxes--they're wonderful.

Irina said...

Great finds.
Every time I see atists's watercolor set, it catch all my attention and I feel the need to draw and paint asap. Same happened now with your new metal boxes. Thank you for sharing:-))

AutumnLeaves said...

Great shopping there with the watercolor pan, Laura! I see an oyster shell in your collection! Hope the oyster wasn't housed within! I loved your reference to quaffing too! Count me in for that! LOL (Yes, like the resulting headache would be worth it! LOL)

Barbara M. said...

This post made me so happy. I hope we're going to Nova Scotia for a month this summer. We seem to collect sets too, although our favorite beach has a limited variety of shells. Our favorites are giant snail shells. Lately I've been drawn to bits of rusty brick, which I know are very old. Then too we are crazy for sea glass -- and there isn't much of it these days. A beautiful post.

Take care,



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