Saturday, March 27, 2010

daffodils again

Sometimes something intangible just "makes" a painting.
After being pleased with my previous daffodil painting, I thought I'd better begin another one right away. This one isn't done--I'm kind of stuck* and don't really know what to do next (other than stop futzing with the flowers). I like the jar and the Diebenkorn postcard, but I can't help feeling that the arrangement of the daffodils just doesn't work as well as in the earlier painting; but maybe I can fix it.
I noticed (after the fact, really) that there was one flower in the earlier painting that I thought was just right, and that became my focus: I need a just right one here.
Below is another daffodil start, with Van Gogh this time.

*I'm debating whether or not to do something to the background: the little Diebenkorn postcard area is so densely painted it seems to throw the picture off balance. And yet, I'm mindful of a teacher I once had who said if you're unsure, don't do anything!

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Barbara M. said...

Hi Laura,

Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't see where you're stuck. These are both incredibly beautiful. What a great idea it is to set the flowers against an image. I like that a lot. And of course Diebenkorn and van Gogh are two of my favorites.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

I love these! They are so bright and fresh...just like the real thing!
Wonderful use of watercolour!

Joyfulartist said...

I don't see the "stuck" part either. They look fresh and beautiful. What's not to like? Love the addition of the postcard, a great idea that I may borrow.

shicat said...

Hi Laura, I really like the idea of a postcard next to the flowers.It gives the painting an element of surprise which makes it unique. Also, the postcard and the flowers seem to be painted with a different energy. I like that. Why not do more with the bottom painting... it's just paper and there's always another and another .... Have fun. I need to paint today thanks for the inspiration.

Nancy said...

I think all of your daffodil paintings are just lovely! But, I know what you mean when YOU think something else should be done. Just put it aside for awhile and look at it with fresh eyes - I hope that you'll see that it's perfect just the way it is!

Gillian said...

I like that philosophy. I have another - when in doubt - leave it out! LOL
To my eyes your daffs look perfect. You've achieved a nice balance of values. x

A Brush with Color said...

God, Laura--I am loving your daffodil paintings--these are excellent. I think you have figured out how to do daffodils--not an easy task, as we all know. Beautiful!!!

Nader Shenouda (doudy) said...

at your place I wouldn't be stuck, they are beautifully done.

AutumnLeaves said...

I think both pieces are beautiful, Laura. I like a simple piece and your's are deceptively so. Keeping that background plain as it is just highlights what is within the painting. That painting within a painting is just phenomenal and these daffs are simply my only glimpse of spring of late!

Cliff said...

Aren't daffs the best? Great paintings! I think a dark background would make the flowers come forward and balance the dark values in the postcard. Let us know what, if anything, you decide to add to this painting.

Barbra Joan said...

Laura, TAKE your teachers advice. When we have to start looking for something else to do to it, "not a good thing'. BJ

r garriott said...

your watercolors are lovely and I like the idea of mixing the bouquets with mini-masterpieces. I'm fascinated by the tones in the glass vase (in the 8x12).... it's as if it's almost about to happen. Perhaps when the vase is filled out a bit, the Diebenkorn will recede to it's appropriate perspective. It may be that the postcard is fighting for attention, as it is more fully realized at this stage than the other parts of the composition.

RHCarpenter said...

Gosh, Laura, I would be such a happy painter if I could paint like you!! Loose yet controlled enough to show us what you want us to see. Love these - all of them. As for the one you're unsure about: perhaps darken just a touch the vase in front to balance the darkness of the postcard? I really think it works well and beautifully as is but if you're not happy with it, well, you can just send it to me! ha ha

Michelle Himes said...

What a great idea for a background, using postcards of the masters. It makes a really interesting composition - and adds the complementary color in a new and exciting way. You should do more of these.


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