Sunday, March 07, 2010

15-minute breaks

I've been working on a large proofreading job which is taxing my brain (and which I want to finish!). I'm trying to just keep my hand in a bit with quick, small studies, though i don't feel very committed to them; I get discouraged sometimes covering the same old ground, but I'm trying to accept that just doing is okay, more than okay even.
I did these two familiar scenes--Cape Henlopen, Delaware, above and the Virgin Islands, below--in 15 minutes each. Since they're small and not so detailed, when the paint got wet and ran, I just left it; and didn't go back in later to "fix."

Last week I had a little cash in hand (I notoriously cannot hold on to cash!) so I stopped at one of the consignment shops hereabouts. Such a trip is generally fruitless as, IMHO, everything's usually outrageously priced--but I lucked out and picked up this nice assortment of cloth for still lifes (from left to right, a tablecloth, pillow sham, tablecloth, valence), all for $12.

Hoping to do some drapery studies when I have some brain power to spare.
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Charlene Brown said...

What an excellent use of your very limited free time! Developing the ability to not go back and fix (aka spoil) things is something many of us should give more thought to. Both these paintings are lovely.

shicat said...

Same old paintings sure look fresh to me. Your bargain fabric looks interesting, i really like the brown and white. Have you looked recently at some of the work on creativity the journey. I love her collage's and with napkins and ink. The one napkin kinda,sorta reminds me of you fabric?
Good luck on your editing job. Sweet spring is in the air, birds are already busy making nests. Hope... peace my friend.
p.s. I haven't painted all week I need to lift a brush or pencil or something. Maybe tonight:)Process right no master piece:)

RHCarpenter said...

I like both of these and think sometimes less is much more in watercolor paintings :) Don't feel you're going over the same old ground - but improving certain techniques and keeping your brushes wet during times when you may not have the time to paint something big (and big is not always better, either! ha ha)

debwardart said...

I just can't do "loose" and always admire those who can. Even if you don't like these, at least you did some painting (some is always better than none!) And it's always fun to happen upon something you will want to put into a painting later; these fabrics will certainly add interest to your paintings. (My word verification is "s p r i n" - where's that "G" when you need it!) Sooooooooon (I hope!)


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