Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wisconsin still life

When I was visiting her in Boscobel, Wisconsin, in October, my friend Robin took me to this great secondhand store where I could not resist buying these items, despite the fact that there was no way I could carry them back on the train with me. I bought them and Robin got stuck trying to find a box big for them and mailing them to me!
That brass vase subconsciously reminded me of Cloud Gate, where we had been a few days earlier, though I didn't make the connection until later--I had to have it.
And my teacher Carolyn, who died two years ago this February, always had turquoise-glass Ball jars, which I used in a couple of my still lifes in her class, like the unfinished one below, so I had to have those too.
(15x22) The humongous box arrived yesterday--a great day in so many ways!
One of monthly goals for 2009 is to set up a still life with at least six objects in it and paint it on a full (22x30)or half sheet (15x22), as we did in Carolyn'sclass, where I think I did some of my best work and which I really miss.
This isn't the setup, but I think I will use at least some of these objects. Maybe I can make it self-portrait too ... that's me reflected in the brass.

This is one of the still lifes I did in Carolyn's class. Now, two years later, I can't believe I painted those cloths.

This painting brings up a question: What's your favorite blue--shade and brand?
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Teresa said...

Laura, these are beautiful! I see your hallmark... clean and lively colors. Can't wait to see your new painting... and do include the self-portrait!

Cliff 2007 said...

l, promising set-up; love the opportunity for the still life inside the brass vase's reflections!

Blue? Ultramarine (W&N), hands-down. I also use cobalt, cerulean and Winsor blue, and for that matter, Payne's grey which has a decidedly blue cast, but Ultramarine is my go-to blue. Love the granulation, and it mixes well too.

TwistedSerenity said...

Although, Im no good at painting, I can really appreciate those who do! Your portraits are amazing! Great job!

robin said...

I wouldn't have know how beautiful those objects could look together without seeing this arrangement.

In addition to fab the sense of color you've developed, I think your compositions, both in your photos here and in those from the trip, speak volumes about the fine artistic sensibility you've cultivated. Very nice!

Mineke Reinders said...

I can see why you liked these objects, the setup looks great. I like the contrast between the warm brass and the cool glass, as well as the different surfaces, including the white cloth!

Whatever blues you use, they are always strong and clear, and they work together well with the other colors in your paintings - as in these still lifes. My mainstay is ultramarine; different brands, but recently I stick to M. Graham's. I also love turquoise (again M. Graham's, also Terry Madden's, which is more opaque). I recently discovered that mixing TM turquoise with MG ultramarine makes a nice neutral blue - not too warm, not too cold. I use it for sky washes instead of cerulean which is a bit weak for my taste.

A Brush with Color said...

What fun to open up that box, I'm sure. I saw your reflection immediately in that vase. Those will be wonderful sketching props! Can't wait to see them in future works of yours. Your paintings here are just stunning!

Sherry said...

So Laura, you have connections to Boscobel. My college roommate is from there, a pastel artist who loves to capture the rural scenes of western Wisconsin. You got a good haul at the second-hand shop, and I hope you get lots of painting from the items.


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