Thursday, January 29, 2009

wisconsin plus jersey

I wasn't happy with my first go at setting up this still life--too cluttered, and all the silk flowers weren't working for me. So today on my walk I grabbed some evergreen sprigs: this is more like it.
I need some more, and need to arrange them more artfully, but this is getting closer.

I'm in one of those scattered phases: many things I want to paint, but can't seem to settle down to any one in particular ... dabbing a bit at this and that. It's totally unsatisfying, but that's where I am.
Below's a quick study for the current DSFDF challenge: a Victorian house in San Fran. Cape May's Victorians are much more gingerbread-laden, so this clean facade should be easy, but the lack of strong shadows has left me stumbling a bit. I think I'm going to have make my own shadows!


A Brush with Color said...

Oh, darn--for some reason, I can't see your images today. I'll have to check back. Your work is always a treat.

Don said...

i'm sorry for your frustration, but I can't see the photos either!

laura said...

Hmm, sorry about that--no idea what's wrong. I reinserted the photos and hope they're viewable now!

debwardart said...

It's been my observation that the key to set ups is to do tons of them, move objects around, in and out, and MAYBE you will get something paintable!
I do like this one tho - a good place to start!

A Brush with Color said...

I see them now! Wonderful still life and beautiful house! Well done!

laura said...

I love your still lifes, Deb--so I'll certainly take your advice!

Thanks Sue. I'm working on a couple of versions of the house ... trying to make each one "different"--but I keep doing the same thing!


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