Monday, January 05, 2009

pa. snow scenes



It's been interesting this week reading the assessments of the past year and resolutions for the current year on various artists' blogs. And it's made me realize that I should perhaps give some thought to if not reviewing the past, at least setting goals for the future, which will necessitate thinking about just what I want to accomplish in/with my painting. Who am I, Where am I going? to paraphrase Gauguin. Conclusions to come!
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Claire said...

I especially like the top one! The green of that central tree is so vibrant - I feel like I can smell its piny fragrance just by looking at it.

Ana Tirolese said...

These are beautiful paintings. Your work is really quite wonderful.

shicat said...

Goals..hmmm. I am shying away from painting goals other than to try to push myself to experiment more and to learn more about color. I feel as if I just can't learn enough about colors and color mixing,among other things. I suppose the challange is what makes it so fun, and of course the juicy wonderous and intoxicating colors.

Jana Bouc said...

Wow Laura! I just scrolled through your blog and was so inspired and impressed by your yummy watercolors. You have such a beautiful style -- full of light and flowing paint. Gorgeous work! You make me want to start doing watercolor paintings again (as opposed to just little sketches).

Art with Liz said...

Another WOW! Stunning paintings.

Ruth said...

These are stunning. In the top one, the way you managed the slope is remarkable.

I've been reflecting forward (kinda like conclusions to come, I guess) too. Trying to keep it simple.

Like: breathe, stay centered.

Watercolorist said...

Love the red barn. You captured the winter atmosphere well.

I also feel the need to set goals for this year. Maybe more experimenting with color and styles.

Teresa said...

Love them both, but in the first one I want to drive up that road and live in that house!


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