Tuesday, January 06, 2009


"palette preview"

Last night I made a list of things to do daily, weekly, and monthly, but, so as not to scare myself off, I've condensed it all down to this formula: 2008 = Do; 2009 = Think. That's the gist.

One of the things I want to do weekly is paint something using one of the design patterns discussed in Marianne K. Brown's Watercolor by Design. There are 12 and the first is "horizontal"--easy when you live at the Jersey Shore.
Brown selects a color scheme before beginning--something I never do but feel I should at least think about doing, have as an option ...--then she makes a "palette preview," as above.

This was the result: the red line is supposed to separate two related scenes, but it doesn't read so well.--looks a bit like a narrow sandbar!
Below, I cropped the picture into two--and I elongated the top one, just to see: lengthening it really stresses the horizontality; should have painted it that way, like I did for the rocks.

Other of my weekly ambitions will be to paint one study of a patterned fabric--I love patterned fabrics but stay away from painting them!--and to do one painting a week that will be part of a series--for example, I have three photos from different angles of a hole in a rock formation at Plaza Blanca, NM, and I'd like to do a series based on them; perhaps, if I'm lucky, veering into abstraction.
We shall see ... just typing this makes me nervous! Maybe I should make these biweekly.

Addendum: Had another go at this scene after dinner, not consciously thinking of the horizontality, but doing the earlier version made me keep the washes simpler, cleaner this time.


I want to ask if anyone out there uses viridian, and if they like it, what brand is it? I would like to add it to my palette but when I sample a bit from the tube, it always looks so weak to me. I know it's on a lot of artist's palette and so I was just wondering what other bloggers think ...?
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Mineke Reinders said...

Love these studies, Laura! I also like how you condensed your goals for the year to one word: Think. Not a bad idea. One of my goals is to simplify my life somewhat so as to have more time to think.
Is a palette preview the same as a color study, or is it a different thing? In any case, it's lovely, I think you should frame it.
About viridian: I banned it from my studio a long time ago, for exactly the reason you stated. It's weak. I can't stand weak colors, they drive me crazy. I don't know what a good alternative would be though. You could make a swatch of viridian from the tube and then try to mix that color from other (stronger) colors. There, now I've given you another assignment for the new year...

annie said...

I agree with Mineke, so lovely.
I have never used viridian, though I have it at home to try. On one of our threads at The Sketching Forum, we have a thread about mini-palettes and Vivien Blackburn put viridian on
her list. She could answer your questions.



shicat said...

Hi Laura, over the holiday I cleaned and organized my art space,this included re-do of a palette. I am out of pthalo blue and green so I put viridian in this particular palette. It's been a long time since I've used it.The brand that I have is WN. O.K. I just looked at my color swatch of viridian I don't mind it. Bluey green.

A Brush with Color said...

I don't tend to use veridian, so I'm not much help, but I LOVE this post--each image is more delicious than the last. They're beautiful--I agree--frame them all!

Teresa said...

Laura: These are fabulous! Love the color scheme you used.

Watercolorist said...

Love how you split the paintings. They each work separately. I sometimes do this too, instead of abandoning a piece.

With regards to Viridian. I use it to make a variety of greens. Try mixing it with aureolin yellow(ar) and rose madder, ar and light red, ar and cadmium red, ar and indian red. You can make so many different greens with it. Also try mixing it with the paints above without adding aureolin yellow. I've made a chart for reference of all the greens I can make with viridian. It's very versatile.

Sharon said...

Oh, that sky is just gorgeous.

Sharon said...

And I agree with your goal - THINK. That's the step I often omit, wanting to just jump in and create a masterpiece.


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