Wednesday, October 01, 2008

John Marin's New Mexico

New Mexico Landscape, 1929 (14x20)

Entrance to Hondo Canyon, 1930 (15.5x21)

Two New Mexico watercolors by my favorite watercolorist, John Marin. I love the vitality and energy of his landscape, whether NM or Maine or NYC.
I think I also like his paintings because they couldn't be any more different from mine, but this is how I would paint if it were up to me, if I could change who I am and how I paint. I tried copying Cezanne and Hockney, and some others--Vlaminck, Derain--for my own edification and pleasure, but I have never attempted Marin.

I seem to be a little obessesd with New Mexico right now; perhaps it's because this time last year, I was packing to go!
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A Brush with Color said...

I like his work, too! But your work is wonderful, Laura, I love looking to see what you're up to every time I visit.

Cathy Gatland said...

I haven't heard of John Marin - these are wonderful landscapes. New Mexico looks fantastic and so many artists seem to have found endless inspiration there - including you!

laura said...

Thanks Sue and Cathy. Last night I was leafing through a book of Diebenkorn paintings and found several he had done titled "Albuquerque"!

Gillian said...

JM's art makes me want to visit NM asap. So much to see on this huge continent - if one could just get there... Your Plaza Blanca w/c spurs my interest to travel there too.


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