Saturday, November 18, 2006


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robin said...

One of these should be this year's Christmas card :) Lets see, we move to Wisconsin , you and my mom get snow (yes, it snowed in Ocala for about 3 minutes the Sat after T-Giving) and we spend the week outside raking leaves in 50 degree weather. Supposed to hit 60 today in Chicago 28 Nov. Who needs a scientist to figure out that global warming is more than a theory.

laura said...

thanks, robin. worked on a little cape may snowscene yesterday and, if I finish--without ruining--it tomorrow, it'll be my card (i think) ... will post it tomorrow.
this weather is weird; it's in the 60s here too--warm even for here; I'm getting tired of my warm-weather clothes, want to get out those wool sweaters!