Monday, September 04, 2006

Today's finds
Itchy and I took a long walk along the bay this afternoon; one of those rare walks where we overshoot our usual turnaround point--Lesczinski's pier--and keep going all the way to the dunes south of Del Haven. Despite the increased distance, and the fact that is was low tide, not much of a haul beach-glass wise, though I was pleased to have one of each color.
As you can see, Itchy--no dummy he--took advantage of my picture taking to have a little lie-down in the shade.

on my continuing technological education ...
Robin keeps trying to instruct me on different ways to add links to my blog ... still trying to figure it out. Read about a site in Sunday's NYTimes, it's a web radio site where you type in a band, artist, or song you like and the site plays things like it, which you give a thumbs up or down to (if you want ... you can also just let them play). Kind of fun.

in the category of "oh well" ...
Yesterday I decided, a la the site that I recommended earlier, to try a small painting a day. Carlos was sleeping on the bed--a perfect subject, though, oddly, for all the observation I've done of them, I find it hard to paint the cats. Started a little postcard size painting, but wasn't happy with it, and it didn't seem salvageable ... I'll try again tomorrow. Perhaps I shoudl call attempted-painting-a-day. As Mom says, every day isn't a winner.

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