Saturday, September 02, 2006

recent unfinished/unresolved sketches

Okay, to the left are 3 versions of a little scene on the Delaware Bay not far from my house, where I walk Itchy ... I like to tape off equal sections then attempt the same scene in several different ways at the same time ... Sometimes I get a good one ... Below: top is my unfinished sketch, bottom is the photo of a beach on St. John, I think, that I'm working from. IN the photo the dark mass on the right is just that--a dark mass without too much detail visible, so when I was making the sketch, I painted in the rocks, but then thought maybe I wouldn't bring the dark mass all the way up ... Stopped where I got stumped. At the top, left is quick, wet skecth of the same Caribbean scene--it's not very "finished" (the paper was too absorbent, which I find too frustrating, so I gave up on it), but that's why I like it ... I always seem to prefer the messy, less detailed ones ... like the 2-minute sketches in life drawing class that you can barely recognize as a human being!!

I happened upon a blog while browsing the Net for watercolor sites--avoiding work and laundry--with lovely little watercolor paintings ...; see the artist's website too: She's prolific; her modest little daily paintings (if you could see me right now, I'd be green) are lovely--the subjects charming and Wimperis's facility with the medium ... enviable! At the blog you can sign up to have apinting e-mailed to you every day--what a great idea!
Go see what makes me eat my heart out!

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