Monday, September 04, 2006

late post

Here's a late post correcting an omission pointed out to me by Peter ... These are photos from a great day of fishing in the ocean. Peter caught a 25-inch doormat and Robin was hauling in the mahimahi one after another as we trolled around!

Even Itchy was impressed by Robin's fishing prowess!

Visit Robin's blog for more on Pocahontas!

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robin said...

Lady you crack me up, Pocahontas indeed, lol. Laura forgot to mention that even though her rod wasn't "hot" as mine that memorable day, she still managed to land the LARGEST dolphin. And to cook up a delicious feast afterwards enjoyed by yours truely, Lizzie, Peter and Terri. Liz invited Terri, a high school pal, over and it was great to get to know her again after so many years!