Monday, December 31, 2018

oyster shooter

I hardly ever use masking fluid. (Though I will sometimes, if I think of it, use a wax crayon, which isn't removable.) Probably I don't use it stategically, but to me it is always too obvious.
I saw someone use a masking pen online and got myself one to try.
It goes on easy, very controllable, but is nearly impossible to remove! I gave up; where I was able to remove it, the paper is damaged.
(I wanted to take a picture of the pen, but I think the cats must have batted it under something!)
Back to no masking fluid.

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Barbra Joan said...

If you say it's ruined I suppose it is. But I can't see the damage.. I've never had much luck with masking fluid that's why I have an almost full bottle for the past 5 years.. lol

It's either leaving the paper too stark white, and can't get the hang of it, or the line is too wide, all I know is I just don't "get it".

Aside from your disappointment with the mask, this is the sort of painting that you do that always impressed me.. Your clear passages of blue, and those spots of brilliance .. so good !.
Forget about the masking, you don't need it..
Happy New Year !!!