Saturday, December 22, 2018


My photogenic boy!
Not worrying about getting the stripes just right has been a real help!


Barbra Joan said...

Oh yeah, he's a handsome boy alright... Looks so much like my big guy Jake, Who still lives in Central Fl. with his Dad !..LOL .

There's no way we can get all those stripes just right... the goal is to suggest them , and let them fall where they may.
Have a great Christmas and the best New Year..
Barbra Joan...

laura said...

He's a big boy too, not fat, but he weighs a ton, and loves to sit on my lap.
So true about the stripes and they're one of those things where, I feel, what would it matter elif I DID get them just so? It's the way they look in the painting, not on Melo!, that matters!