Sunday, August 06, 2017

Studio revamp

Though I haven't been painting, or posting, much, it's not far from my mind!
I've been redoing my studio--painting, reorganizing and winnowing, building shelves ...
I wish I had taken before pictures!
The current lack of clutter will, I hope, be conducive to spending more time in here!


Carol said...

Looks fantastic!

Janet Werdin said...

Wow, looks amazing. Aren't there any little elves that will come and do that overnight for me?

RH Carpenter said...

Looks great! Now go mess it up with paintings, splatters and drawings :). And that futon looks like a good place for a friend to stay over :)

laura said...

Thank you. It was work I had been saying I would do for years ... For some reason, finally got going; then I couldn't stop: currently working on some other projects around the house!
And, yes, Rhonda, I always have a bed for my artsy friends!

Barbra Joan said...

A very welcoming spot. Nothing like having a place of your own for painting or just dreaming.


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