Tuesday, March 07, 2017


Gave this to my brother for his birthday last week: yellow-crowned night, green, and great blue herons painted using a resist technique.
It's a bit laborious, but I like the results.
Make a line drawing of your subject on heavy paper (I use a stiff 140lb, like Arches), then paint everything that you do not want to be black with thick white gouache.
When it's dry, brush black India ink over it.
Let dry, then wash off (I do it outside with the garden hose) the ink and the gouache--leave some of the gouache on, if you want, or if you need to to keep from damaging the paper.
When it's dry, paint.


Barbara Muir said...

Not sure if my comment came through, but I love these, and they are
also one of my favourite birds. Wow! Wonderful work.


RH Carpenter said...

Very nicely done! It is a technique better done by the patient ones (I've only done it once or twice and liked the final painting but haven't gone back to try it again. So many techniques, so little time! I bet your brother was thrilled!

Barbra Joan said...

I always admire artists who just dive in with new techniques, well new to me. Very nice, I've not seen this sort of thing before.


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