Friday, February 17, 2017

Dark background homework


One of the best things about taking class is having to do things you normally wouldn't (... or does that sound masochistic?)
If you search the Internet you will find many luscious paintings of desserts and pastries, but the subject never appealed to me much: what would I do with a painting of strawberry shortcake? But, I have to say, I found it fun to paint it.
I was debating whether I could/should go in and add some darker darks to define the shortbread and the cream, but 1) I don't want to lose any more of the white, which I've already lost too much of; and 2) I couldn't settle on a color, or combination of colors, for the darks. 
Decided to do nothing and wait till Monday to see what my teacher says.


Barbara Muir said...

Love this, and didn't know you'd posted it
when I posted food too. This makes me hungry.
I can taste all of it, and probably can't have it
on my current diet.

Love your work.


Janet Werdin said...

I like your dark background very much, it has good variety of color in it.