Wednesday, April 16, 2014


 Have to get in a few forsythia paintings while I have the chance ... And with last night's snow the window of opportunity may be closing.

And this is a homework assignment I did for class ... and then missed the class to turn it in, so I'm posting here to get my credit. As in HS, I rarely do my homework, but this was kind of interesting. Sometimes I'd like to get away from "naturalistic" or expected colors, but I don't know where to go ... For this assignment (which was supposed to be about values), I painted the same simplified scene using four different tetrads (basically two sets of complements; the colors used are noted in abbreviated form to the left of the sketches), just working my way around the color wheel. So to find "unexpected" colors, spin the wheel.

Coming soon: Today I also started a painting--emulating Rhonda's excellent example!--trying to use the things I learned in the Carol Carter workshop before I forget.


Lorraine Brown said...

nice yellows- I did not know the name Forsythia so will have to look it up. How lucky for you to attend the CC workshop

RH Carpenter said...

Lovely, delicate flowers :) And I really like the homework paintings.

Polly Birchall said...

Good girl doing your lovely homework. Luv' the delicate forsythia too.

Diana said...

love your forsythia, No snow here but too cold for spring.. it will come. Thanks so much for sharing your class at CC. I love her work.. I've tried the pears.. so much fun and so gorgeous. love to you Laura,Diana

debwardart said...

Great forsythia! Did you ever think you would have "homework" in middle age? (Me neither, but it finally dawned on me that when I give out homework I also have to DO homework) And - will winter never end - enough already!!!


Your forsythia is stunning Laura

BoscoLibrarian said...

Those forsythia knock me out. Must make a note to see them in person next visit!


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