Sunday, April 20, 2014

easter lily

I bought an Easter lily yesterday, as I do each year; I love their trumpet-shaped flowers and the way the leaves spiral out around the stem.
Painted this this morning on hot press paper, putting down the colors and then (for the most part; the flower's an exception) not going back in, as hot press seems to be very unforgiving.


Vandy said...

One of my favourite flowers. Beautifully painted.

Katherine Harra said...

Great work - and just one morning of painting, really?

Gwen Buchanan said...

Laura, I've been scrolling through your recent paintings over your past posts.. love the combination and your application of color. so fresh feeling. Love them all!


Simple and beautiful ....hope you had a good Easter Laura said...

your easter lily is great!

Barbara Muir said...

Beautiful. Belated Happy Easter.

XOXOXO Barbara


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