Wednesday, April 30, 2014

cherry blossom

Inspired by Van Gogh's Apple Blossom in a Glass (below), I plucked a sprig from my cherry tree.
I may add some kind of background ... I love Van Gogh's red stripe.

I think one thing I am learning about painting glass is to paint lighter and grayer.

Also working on tulips (again): these represent very nearly my whole harvest this year. (I think the squirrels eat them before they bloom.)
I decided to crop out the red tulip, which is too big and "heavy" ... I thought the (one) red would be balanced by the three (lighter) tulips, but, at least in this instance--because I still think the idea is sound!--it didn't work.


Katherine Harra said...

Laura, I'm hoping you are calling the tulip painting done, I LOVE the way you've indicated the jar with just the bit of line and the swoosh of wet blue. mmmmm. what self control, what an eye. I think you were right to omit the red tulip too, it was too detailed and drew my eye immediately to that side of the page.

Joyfulartist said...

I love the cherry blossoms! Very nice.

laura said...

Ha. Thank you, Katherine. Though, truly, it's more cowardice or cluelessness than restraint!
I hadn't thought of it--but you're right: maybe that painting is done!

Thank you, Joyfulartist. I wanted to keep it simple, like the subject, and like my inspiration!

RH Carpenter said...

I like the idea of that stem and leaf going off the edge in the tulips and really like the cherry blossoms - perhaps a tellow or blue stripe in the bg? Also, great new photo of you! (Postcard is in the mail.)

debwardart said...

These are so gentle and airy - good job. Sometimes you have to crop out - makes for a better ptg.

debwardart said...

Oops - one more comment - I do like your new photo (I'd recognize you anywhere!)

Celia Blanco said...

Beautiful and fresh! I love the glass, it is a shame your tulips were eaten by squirrels. I like the single red tulip off to the side.


wonderful inspiration laura ... and beautifully painted ... the crop works really with the tulip.


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