Saturday, February 01, 2014


Three steps.
I feel like I'm still being a bit too careful--especially in the initial wash. And, when this is completely dry, I may glaze over the messy grapes to the far right, unifying and pushing them into the back more (I hope).
I'm wondering if I should add a wash--a grayish purple? maybe a dark blue-green--to the background or leave it white. What do you think?


Catharina Engberg said...

A blue-green colour in the back would look nice I think. Like leaves at the far back, but no details then. Wet in wet type. Very soft. And thin glaze.

Katherine Harra said...

From here, when I look at your blog, there are three other posts labeled "you might also like". The third one is flowers, with a title "back to school". It says it's from May 11, 2010. That one shows an ever so subtle 'colorful' gray wash, with sparkles of light shining through. Maybe something like that? The white is looking just a bit raw, but the very light value seems appropriate.

Celia Blanco said...

I love seeing the process, beautiful colors in the grapes! I agree with a light wash, the color I will leave it up to you.

Barbara Muir said...

Laura, I looked at this and said, "Oh My God, I love her work!" It's wonderful. I do love how you paint. You've got it going on girl!

XOXOXO Barbara


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