Tuesday, May 21, 2013

wip: hammock time

 A friend's granddaughter ... I've been wanting to paint this photo for some time: the light, the mood. So summer afternoon. So tween.
Finally started and messed it up right off by painting the legs too dark and too blue. I guess I could try to lift or glaze ... But I think instead I'll think of this as practice and begin again.
Maybe with some cropping I can salvage a bit ...


Peggy said...

Hello Laura , I have recently started to follow your blog. I love the light and color of your paintings. I also appreciate the information that you sometimes share.

Diana said...

I Didn't even notice the legs.. I think it's lovely,Diana

marnold said...

It's great. The pose is great. Lisa was just commenting on the 3 men in a recent post. She thinks you do people great -- and so do I.


beautiful feeling to this one laura


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