Monday, May 27, 2013


I was going to title this post "More Tales of Woe," but I'm getting tired of my own complaining. And, as sometimes happens, this doesn't look so bad on my computer screen; in person, the far left daffodil (which was supposed to be white; not that that really matters ...) is a mess, painted over too many times. A little cropping might help.

Then there's this one. (Sigh.)
I think I'll finish the cyclamen before I give up. I feel I should've just finished it all in one go: pecking away at it leaves too much time for thinking, or doubting.
Watercolor always seemed to me to require a balance between control and letting go; also required, I'm finding, is a balance between thinking and  intuiting.
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Mrs A said...

I think your paintings are lovely and can't see the mistakes you talk about! But I wonder whether you have heard of the Daniel Smith product, watercolour ground. It is something you can paint over work you don't like and then it is as though you are painting on 'fresh' paper. Also can put it onto any surface and use as though painting on watercolour paper. If you google Daniel Smith you will find the product. I always love reading your blogs and seeing your work, I learn so much from reading your blog and those of the other wonderful blogging artists. Mrs A

Wendy Barrett said...

Hi Laura,
I have just discovered your blog and love your beautiful delicate paintings. I love the way you have captured the very essence of the cat!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Laura,

It's great to see the paintings emerging from your drawing ideas. You are entirely too rough on yourself. These are great!

XO Barbara

Judy said...

I love your style of painting, so I don't see what you call 'mistakes'. But I know the feeling!


i adore the bottom one laura ! just super.

RH Carpenter said...

Because of the lovely light tones in the left (top painting) it reads white to me :) All this one needs is a shadow to ground kitty and the jug and call it done. And yes, it does take thinking and more thinking and less brushwork! ha ha This is why so many acrylic and oil painters tell us how hard watercolor is! ha ha Have a great end of week and end of month!