Tuesday, February 21, 2012

an old dpw challenge

From a DPW photo.
I don't usually use mask; I can never seem to adequately integrate the white it leaves back into the painting and I can see from this photo that some of these whites need to be toned down ... But I want to start trying to paint more cats.
Just a couple of years ago I had four, three oldsters and one kitten, but I could never get good photos of them. I'd try to sneak up and get the photo but as soon as one my cats would see me, he or she would come running over for some kisses. So have a lot of blurry photos of big cat heads.
I was at an art show last week where I saw the most beautiful painting of two cats ...
Here comes my sole little cat now for some petting. Gotta go.

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Cynthia Schelzig said...

oooh I love your cat!! The light is great .....meow!!

Diana said...

beautiful kitty! I'm like you I don't like masking fluid's either. take care, love,Diana