Sunday, June 19, 2011

smilla saves the day

I was on my third go round of trying to paint these very delicately pink lilies when my cat, Smilla, left her customary spot in the hammock to obligingly provide a nice contrast (she's watching the bird bath--I need to find a much bigger bell for her collar). I have a bit more to do to bring out the lettering on the Ball jar.
I painted this on a just-opened block of Arches hot press, and even though this was the third sheet in, I found it annoyingly absorbent; it was a struggle to get the paint to flow on the surface.

Mineke Reinders and I had a discussion not too long ago about the best way to respond to the comments our Kind Readers leave for us. Long ago I stopped responding in my own comments section and instead would respond on the commenter's blog if the comment seemed to call for a response. As you know, sometimes it all gets so time-consuming and yet reciprocity is the heart of blogging. I've decided to adapt the policy of the Painter's Loft, where when you post a picture you are asked to comment on one. Whenever I post I will commit myself to comment on 5 other blogs, those on my blog roll or those I find in others' blog rolls, which is always a great way to be introduced to new artists. (I could browse blogs all day, really, but I have to work--I get paid by the hour!)
Also, in the past, if someone asked me a question in their comment, I would email them an answer. I think, in future, I will answer any questions in my next post, in case the answer may be of interest to others.
That's the plan ... for now.
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Hildebrand Memorial Library said...

Laura, I like that plan! Also, you have discovered the secret of "painting a black cat", very graceful brushwork and composition.

Carol Blackburn said...

It came out awesome, Laura.

A Brush with Color said...

This is just beautiful, Laura! Love seeing its progression here, too! Don't ever feel you have to make a huge effort for me--I know you're busy. I just like to let you know I was here and enjoyed your work...take care...

Joyfulartist said...

I'm a little slow in getting caught up on my blogs but I have to comment on your wonderful painting. I love the black cat and the way you painted it is great. Beautiful job!

RH Carpenter said...

This is gorgeous!!! And wonderful Smilla, for adding that rich dark contrast :) You're right, if you answer all, you take time but I find it creates a dialogue between blog friends that way - however, then catching up with all your favorite blogs takes time and I'm finding that in short supply lately for some reason. And I feel guilty when I don't catch up at least once a week. Ah, what can you do - create a happy medium, I guess, for yourself :)

Barbara Weeks said...

How lovely!


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