Tuesday, June 28, 2011

gestural florals workshop, day two

The second day we made our own little setups.
The day flew by!

(7x11, unfinished)


(11x15, unfinished)

In the comments on yesterday's post, OnTheRoad asked if I found the palette of colors I brought to the workshop worked for me ... Yes, on the whole, but I found myself wishing for a more transparent orange and regretted the Daniel Smith apatite genuine, which I substituted for sap green but which seemed grayer and more opaque. Quinacridone magenta and aureolin yellow were indispensable. Also, it turns out indanthrene blue is no substitute for Antwerp, which is a beautifully transparent blue that makes lovely fresh greens.


Dee Doyle said...

These are wonderful!

debwardart said...

Excellent work; this w/s really connected with you with your natural fresh, juicy approach.

RH Carpenter said...

Beautiful, fresh, clean colors throughout and just wonderful handling of watercolor - this is how it's done :) Seems like your workshop really revved you up and your enjoyment shows in these paintings!

Vicki Holdwick said...

I can see all of the pictures today, Laura, and they are lovely.


Carol Blackburn said...

Wonderful Laura, but the third one down is my absolute favorite of the group.

Barbra Joan said...

Well you go girl! Your on a wonderful trip and it is fresh and colorful.. BJ

AutumnLeaves said...

Really beautiful and fresh, Laura. Your work is always so dreamy and so in a style I wish I could emulate!

Katherine Thomas said...

I would give anything to produce such beautiful paintings in just a day or two! These are so appealing and have such happiness shining from them! Great Work!

Ontheroad said...

Thanks for taking the time for the reply and information about the palette. I have one of Billy Showell's books and was comparing the one you used and hers. Many similarities; however, she goes without any green or earth colours.

Your work is inspiring; thanks for sharing it.


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