Tuesday, December 22, 2009

practicing, II

More clouds.
I'm choosing which watercolor blocks to bring with me. When I work on sheets, I prefer Fabriano, but my favorite paper in blocks is Sennelier. I love the surface texture--it's almost like "wove" paper--and the way the paint sits on it.
Unfortunately these blocks come in a very limited range of sizes: 4x6, 4x9, 8x8, 12x12 (approx.)
Last night I also took out a few art-instruction books to leaf through for last-minute inspiration and advice, hoping something useful would stick!
One book I always enjoy and marvel at is David Dewey's The Watercolor Book--I doubt I could ever absorb all the information in this book, especially on color theory, but it is inspiring to page through. I painted this little magnolia picture using his advice on grays (the grays int he painting are actually somewhat warmer than they appear here; I tried re-photographing but got the same, cool result: perhaps it's my perception and not the camera that's off) and glazing.

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Mark McC said...

Lovely! You have such a nice touch. I like to click on the art and make the scan really big so I can see every stroke.

It's great that you've been so productive lately. It will serve you well when you're sailing next week.

laura said...

Every stroke ... and the occasional cat hair! I hope you're right about next week!

HeartFire said...

These are lovely soft watercolors! And thanks for the tip from a previous posting on the virtual painting blog, fascinating, I never knew you could get images on the maps, what a terrific resource & how fun.

AutumnLeaves said...

My goodness, Laura. I just love the loose yet form feel to each of your watercolor pieces. They are each gorgeous! I am intrigued by the block paper sizes...the smaller, the more affordable? How nice is that!

A Brush with Color said...

beautiful, Laura! I love both of these. David Dewey is excellent--you should go to one of his workshops up in Maine in July! He's amazing. Your latest pieces are gorgeous, Laura. I'll have to try that Sennelier paper--thanks for the tip!

A Brush with Color said...

DD is working on another book about color theory--probably not out for a year or so, from what he said. Also, I keep meaning to comment on your beautiful header. Love it, Laura.

caseytoussaint said...

These are so beautiful, Laura. I've never tried Sennelier paper, I'm not sure I've ever even seen it, but you make me want to track some down. Your work is truly wonderful.

Barbara M. said...

Wow. Beautiful work.

Superb. Happy Holidays.

Take care,


marietom said...

très belles couleurs.

kanishk said...

I hope you're right about next week!

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