Monday, July 06, 2009


Yesterday I took a bike ride along the bay and made these two watercolor sketches in my Maruman folding sketchbook. The paper has a nice texture, but can't take much water or working/correcting; nevertheless, it's good for quick things and I like it anyway--the way the pages unfold makes all these disconnected images look like a narrative.

A week or so ago, browsing the art blogs, I read something that stuck in my head (I neglected to note the source: if it's you, or you know the source, please email me, so I can provide a link) and popped up as I looked at these scenes: squint and interpret.
Such simple advice; so useful when painting plein air.
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Anonymous said...

Lovely loose spontaneous interpretations......

A Brush with Color said...

They really are lovely, Laura! That book is going to be wonderful to browse through.

Melinda said...

These ARE lovely! You're an inspiration for working quickly, making expressive gestures that sing.

Judybec said...

beautiful watercolors Laura! they ar a breath of fresh air since we probably won't get to visit Cape May this year.
I'll give "squint and interpret a try!

Barbara M. said...

Hi Laura,

I'm behind on commenting. These are gorgeous. Squint eh? I'll try that with the faces too.

Take care,



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