Sunday, March 15, 2009

moderated hopes

Packets of seeds that I'm going to start indoors, along with Chinese lanterns and sunflowers.
My yard's in terrible shape--it's mostly weeds. And I've been unsuccessful in trying to grow the three things that everyone grows effortlessly here: azaleas, rhododenrons, and hydrangeas. I've also tried peonies several times, with no success. Last year, I had one peony!
I have one quince and one lilac that I'm trying to keep alive!
Over the years I've tried to establish beds for shrubs and flowers, but the weeds and the ivy always take them back.
I surrender: the weeds and the moles win. I don't have the time, the money, the energy ... As a last-ditch effort I will try to grow some paintable flowers in pots on the deck.

Thanks to everyone for your get-well-wishes. I had intended to do some work on the blog this weekend, and to acknowledge an award given to me by Mineke (thanks again, Mineke!), but a week of flu has put me behind schedule.
I do want to "accept" and pass on the award--and also acknowledge the art bloggers I first started following and who provided the impetus for me to start my own blog--and will in the coming week.
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A Brush with Color said...

Oh, Laura, I hope the bug leaves you soon--I'm sorry! I don't know why I sometimes can't see your images. I'll have to come back when these are visible. I loved your flowers you did the other day--they're just beautiful! Feel better soon!

laura said...

Hi Sue. Thanks--the flu's gone but with the rain come sinus headaches!
Anyway, sorry the images aren't visible--how annoying! Weird: I can see them. But I'll try reloading them; thanks for letting me know.

Don said...

I'm sorry too that you are under the weather.

Your newest pics aren't showing up for me either. Blogger can be a little off at times.

I wonder why your plants struggle? Mine usually struggle because I forget to water them!!

laura said...

Ha. That's funny Don! I can't believe you forget to water your plants--just don't forget to water the chicks!
One problem--esp for hydrangeas, which, I've been told, like sun but not heat--is that I get sun all day, which is fine up until July and August, when everything withers!
Also, I think I'll have to consider the soil quality more when selecting plants.
It's (an expensive) learning process!


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