Friday, March 20, 2009

I went!

Well, I went, despite the cold and rain, and had to laugh when I got back to read all the comments saying "go"! I think I posted yesterday knowing if I said I might go, I would have to go, so as not to disappoint you! Your encouragement really gave me a boost--thank you.
It was a small group (due to the weather, I imagine) and we had a clothed model, Amy. Amy's not a professional model but she had a wonderful quietness or composure. I loved the way her shoulders sloped and her long neck; she made me think of Modigliani.
The way the group works is the first Thursday they do croquis, the second Thursday one long pose. (This seems to negate what I think of as the purpose of croquis--to warm up and to get to know model and what you like about him or her, but that's how they do it.)
Tonight was the long pose.
I began with this 20-minute sketch to figure out the pose. Doing it, I realized what I really liked were the dark shapes of her hair. So in the next two 20-minute-ish (the proctor forgot her clock, so we usually went over) poses, I just concentrated on the head.



I won't go into everything I think is right or wrong with these. I'm just glad I went!
I don't know if the group will be a good fit for me, but I'll do a couple of session before deciding.
And there's another group beginning, for a limited time (six or eight weeks I think), April 21, and I may try that one too.
The place of concentration life drawing takes you is addicting!
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A Brush with Color said...

Wonderful, Laura! I really like each of these very much. The first one is so fresh and filmy, and I can see why she reminded you of Modigliani in the way you presented her. The two "head" paintings are lovely as well.

Bill Evertson said...

I knew you have some good results; i especially like the middle head study.

RHCarpenter said...

I like these, too, and am sooo glad you went. Hope it brings you much joy and satisfaction and growth in your painting and drawing :) Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Particularly like the middle portrait. With minimal brush strokes you have managed to capture the face and make it both mysterious and interesting.

Sandy Maudlin said...

BRAVO! See, it was worth it:-D

debwardart said...

Glad you went - it's always scary but exciting, too, when you push yourself past your comfort zone.

Ruth said...


Joyfulartist said...

Quite lovely! Keep it up.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Laura,

These are beautiful. It is a lovely place -- the place life drawing takes you.

Take care,



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