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From yesterday's class, the last until February. The bottom one's not quite done--I want to add something to break the relentless diagonal across the topn, but I don't know what to do yet.
The poinsettias were the dark red variety, but I was using an old palette and, as I prepared to paint, discovered a flaw in my color choices: the only two reds I had were cad red light and permanent rose. So, my poinsettias are the pink variety.
I have to say these were fun to paint. I drew the leaves but then didn't look at the plant again, and just painted using whatever colors or shapes I liked.
Our teacher, Marie Natale, painted a white poinsettia--my favorite--and it was so beautiful (I should have taken a picture!). I have to get a white plant and try it.
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Cathy Gatland said...

These are so vibrant, Laura - I don't think your limited palette limited you at all! I love the shapes and the little white spaces in between the petals (they're not really petals, but I can't think of the proper term for them:) So festive looking too, they could be your Christmas cards.

Teresa said...

What a happy accident that you didn't have the "right" colors! These are absolutely gorgeous!!

shicat said...

The unexpected blue touch of yellow the paintings glow. That's a lot of painting for one class,you must have been in the painting trance:)

Lindsay said...

I feel more "in the mood" for festivities looking at these beautiful flowers.

Suzanne McDermott said...

These are very pretty, Laura. I'm glad you had fun painting them!

Sanghi said...

Wow!! What a choice & mix of colours!!! Simply amazing Laura. Visit my site too www.sanghi-artlife.blogspot.com and leave ur comments. Wish o add you in my blog.

Don said...

beautiful! I especially love the nice details on the yellow part of the flower. (is that the pistil?)

Brent Perkins said...

These are lovely, Laura.


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