Thursday, October 09, 2008

found still lifes




I'm taking a little vacation next week--a train ride to Wisconsin, with a two-day stopover in Chicago. I'm riding back to her house with my friend Robin, who, has just departed Tomah, WI, on her way here.
I'm trying to finish up some jobs and get myself ready to take time off--but I'm very bad at it.
I've also been, a bit at a time, trying to clear out a space to paint in. I have a room that I call the art room, but it's actually more of a catchall room.
So I haven't done any painting--maybe I'll get to do some in WI.
In the meantime, here are three still lifes I painted in a wonderful class at the Wayne Art Center in Pa. five or six years ago; found them in a box.
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Ruth said...

The still lifes are gorgeous!

Have a blast getting away next week. Mmmm, Chicago.

Hope the studio area is ready soon so you will paint. :) All in good time, right? Sometimes we need a break.

Jennifer Rose said...

Have a good trip!

Always nice finding old artwork, cool to see how one might have improved. These are very nice, great colours.

Mineke Reinders said...

Wow, the things you can find in a box... These are wonderful Laura, very "you", your colors, your style. Thanks for sharing them. Have a wonderul trip... I spent a few days in Wisconsin this summer and had a wonderful time. Hope you are bringing your paints and brushes :)

A Brush with Color said...

Ooooh--these are stunning! I really love them all. I think your color palette is always delightful. Have a wonderful trip!

shicat said...

Laura, beautiful colors. Thanks for sharing them and have a wonderful vacation.

Vivienne said...

Clearing up and out is such a chore. I have been doing the same thing today. The treasures unearthed make it worth while, and these are superb! Loved the little jewels in your last post too. Have a great trip and a good rest.

michelle said...

finally found the site

your work old and new here is beautiful
the colors are so inspiring

enjoy chicago it is a great adventure

i am sure between chicago and wisconsin you will have much more to add to your collection when you return

Bill Evertson said...

Looking through the old art work can be bittersweet. I've got some stuff that should be shredded and some that is brilliant. Your examples are brilliant. Best wishes for a good trip.

Don said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Don said...

Nice little bits from the past. The tangerines look juicy!

(oooops, I messed up that comment and deleted it)

Sylvia Jenstad said...

I agree... very cool paintings... love your soft colours...

Teresa said...

These are gorgeous Laura! Those oranges look lusciously juicy! Yum! Great color.


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