Saturday, September 20, 2008

three of six




Three of the six small two-object still lifes I'm doing for a Wet Canvas project. I painted the second two this morning, though I rushed through them a bit--though that's not necessarily a bad thing. I do feel like I'm not giving this the thought it would benefit from; maybe in another series. See how easy I am on myself!
(Honestly, I'm thinking I should be working on my Virtual Sketch painting.)
But I do like this carrying over one object from each painting--it's a chance to rethink it and move on both! Which appeals to my mercurial nature!

There are small craft advisories because of the wind but it's so sunny and pleasant, Peter and I may take the Little Lulu into the back bays at high tide this afternoon and cast for stripers. Knowing Peter, we'll be out till after sundown; maybe I'll get to do some sketching with my watercolor pencils or pens.
Then it's home for Mahattans!
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"JeanneG" said...

I like the cups. Especially like the colors.

Ruth said...

The colors and simplicity are very appealing, I love these.

BTW, I saw your comment at Don's blog about tomatoes, and I posted a poem about that today at sync that I wrote 14 years ago. A little about guilt. :)

Don said...

I really love the cups! (that is NOT to say that I don't like the other ones as well;))

I wanna go with you and Peter! That sounds like a very nice time together. How will/did you cook the stripers?

shicat said...

What an interesting project.I really like the last set of cups with the play on light and of course the colors.

laura said...

Thanks, everyone.
When I began I wasn't happy with the cups, but now that I've painted two more, I like the cups better. Maybe I wasn't trying so hard when I started out?
Sorry to report we caught no stripers, Don! We did have a keeper weakfish on (weakies used to be abundant here but are now rarely caught), but he got off. Chicken cacciatore for dinner!

Judybec said...

I love your first one with the blue and green cups... nice work. Little LuLu sound like FUN!!!!


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