Sunday, July 13, 2008

sunday morning


Next week watercolorist Marge Chavooshian will be in Cape May for a one-week workshop, which I've attended for twelve years! Marge is a great painter and a great teacher and amazing person: over eighty she sparkles with energy and interest and always has more stamina than anyone in the group; in addition to which, she's just beautiful! (I'll get some pictures!)
I always look forward to seeing her, and to seeing Cape May through her and the other painters' eyes.
I doubt it'll be possible for me attend all week, but I'm sure I'll get in a couple of days; and I'll definitely join the group for dinner one night at their home base, the Chalfonte Hotel, for some great homestyle southern cooking.
Here's a little preview, done this morning from a sketch I made anchored off Cape May Point.


Cathy Gatland said...

I so envy you going to these workshops - look forward to the results - this is lovely

laura said...

I'm lucky; I have been to a few good workshops: Jan Hart in NM; and Marge, who comes here--so that's perfect: no hotel room to pay for! I have done a 1-week workshop one fall in New Hampshire, where it was rainy and we didn't paint much but the B&B was great!!; a 3-day Mel Stabin in Pennsylvania that was way too crowded; and a Judi Wagner workshop in Delaware. Meeting the other painters is usually the best part!

Gail said...

very nice, I like your use of negative space and conserving the white of the paper. It must be great to live near the water!!

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

This is a lovely watercolour, gentle and soft, yet so dynamic and enrgetic! Love it!

Judybec said...

Love this delightful painting. I stayed with my family on Cape May Point about 2 years ago.... lovely spot!!! I will definitely check out the workshop for next year. ( do you think she'll offer one?) it's about 3 hours from my house and I love the beach! especially Cape May!

laura said...

Thank you, Gail: it is nice to be near water--I have to remind myself of that sometimes when daily life impinges on my enjoyment!

Thanks so much, Ronell. I never think of my paintings as "energetic," but I like it! Maybe it seems that way because I really was "skipping" the brush around the paper.

Judy, Cape May Point is my absolute favorite! It's the most un-commercial area on the Cape and has the best--biggest, most untouched--dunes.


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