Tuesday, July 15, 2008

cape may yacht club

(2 3x5 pages)

After some difficulties launching several cars full of painters from the Chalfonte this a.m.--lost car keys, a little rear-end collision--our little caravan made it to the yacht club. I did these pages in my sketchbook as a warmup: painting outdoors and with other people can be a little unnerving at first.


Then I worked on this view. Rows grasses and bushes receding into the distance is a subject that usually confuses me, but here I had more trouble with the water, which had so much going on--different colors, surface textures--and kept changing.

After (a late) lunch I did this little scene: it'd be a shame to go to the yacht club and not paint any sailboats!
We were supposed to paint until 4, but I packed it in at 3: too hot for me! Tomorrow it's supposed to be 90.

The painting below, unfinished, is by our teacher, Marge Chavooshian. Her drawing is wonderul, always "right," as here, in the curve of the shoreline. And I love her strong cast shadows.

The painting above is by Cape May resident and yacht club member Leslie. I don't think my photo does the yellows and violets in this painting justice. Leslie has been painting on location in Cape May once a week with Marie Natale, whose classes I attend when I can. Marie's work has amazing color and brushwork.

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Sharon said...

Your blues and greens are so pretty. Sounds like a very fun day for you! (I didn't see an e-mail address to respond to your comment on my blog, so I answered you under your comment...I think our correspondence on Good Reads is public?) Anyway, thanks for stopping by, Laura.

Suzanne said...

Your late lunch did you good. Fabulous sailboat scene!

Don said...

I opened your "receding shoreline" so I could see the larger version and am amazed at the mixtures of the colors. I am fascinated with how you paint the water's surface and include the reflections as well as the colors of the water and sky. Beautiful work!

Judybec said...

They are All wonderful! Thanks for posting your paintings and others too.

Cathy Gatland said...

It's so interesting to see three painter's versions of the same scene - each with something unique and special - your sailboats are terrific too!

Ruth said...

The blues are summer summer summer. All the water, marinas, I love it. I admire your dedication to this work, even when it's hot out!


Sharon said...

Stop by when you have a chance, Laura, I've left something for you.

Bill Evertson said...

Frankly, your sailboat is the winner. Great water. Best

truerecord said...

I agree with everyone that the sailboats are the best thing ever. That one in the distance is perfection, and you know I like sailboats.


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