Friday, June 20, 2008

Lori's Lewes paintings

One of painters in Lewes was Lori, and these are two of her paintings. I love them both. The shells are so wonderful, and I know how difficult they are to do! She makes even the large white spaces interesting. The color is luminous and subtle, and she's suggested the texture, especially of the whelk shell in front. And look at the edge of light on the upper whelk shell--that really makes it! The shadows are beautiful too, and not too dark. I know Lori did a lot of glazing on this painting and it's a great example of the light-filled quality you can get.

This marsh scene is beautifully done too. First of all, it's hard to make the space flatten out and recede like that! And, again, I love the luminosity of the colors; the trees in the background are handled just right! And leaving the stream white, or nearly white, completes the light-struck feeling. I would never have thought of it! I'm too quick to slap everything with some blue!
Lori also sent me a photo of paintings set up for critique (I had to leave early and this was taken after I left, so my shell painting isn't in here). Aren't these great!? I always love to see the variety at critique.

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doudy said...

The lanscape is amazing the colors, the composition and the water smudges in the grass are very nicely done, its great Laura that you share this, thanks

doudy said...

Thanks for the plastic wrap tip I'll use it

doudy said...

Laura Can I do a special post about your painting "Freddie's Barn" on my Blog:

I just love the colors of this painting

It will be a pleasure!!!

Bill Evertson said...

What wonderful shells. I have never tried to render a shell but I get your comment that this is a difficult subject to do justice to. I hope you're still fired up from the workshop. I'm starting a three week intensive course on Monday. A course in letterpress/typesetting. Hope I can everything in balance because the last time I took an intensive there was no time to sleep.

laura said...

Lori did a great job on the marsh grasses! The color, and the suggestion of grass--it's easy to do too much!
I'd be very happy for you to use my painting on your blog, Doudy! Thanks for asking.

Those intensive classes are exhausting but it's also so nice to give yourself over to something entirely for a few days or a week--you forget about everything else! I find when I take week-long classes I sleep later each day!
Have a great time, Bill--I look forward to seeing what you learn.


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