Monday, May 19, 2008


I'm not much for techniques or "process," as I usually take a more direct and spontaneous approach, but last night I was looking at a really great book, Ann Blockley's Watercolour Textures; the way she uses texture is much less gimmicky than what I've seen elsewhere.
I thought I'd give the use of plastic wrap a try; I thought it might be a good way to depict, without fussing, the sea grasses and marshes.
It occurs to me now, too, that if I had pulled the wrap in a more horizontal direction in the ocean area, it might make nice breakers.
Just apply a piece of plastic wrap to a wet wash, pushing and pulling however you want, then leave it to dry and remove the plastic. This is my result ... Now with this as the base, I can go back in and add more washes or lift, etc.
You can see I didn't have a big enough piece of plastic on hand.
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Ruth said...

Well that's really fun! There is no end of ways to create texture, I'd guess. These colors are beautiful.

Mineke Reinders said...

You've got some really nice effects here. I've never been successful with the plastic wrap technique, I always end up spending more time getting rid of what I don't like than incorporating the bits I do like. I like this, though, you've got some nice textures to build upon. And I agree with Ruth, gorgeous colors!

laura said...

Thanks, Ruth. I applied the paint heavier and faster than I normally do--the color has to be dark(er) and the paint wet for the plastic wrap to work--and so I think got a fresh and bright look: a lesson in itself!
And there are numerous texturizing techniques, using salt, soap, alcohol, granulating medium, scraping ... I'm going to try to keep them in mind as a possibility.

Well, Mineke, we'll see! My friend Sue thinks I should leave it as is, but I know I'll be tempted to pick out some dune shapes.


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