Saturday, May 10, 2008

day 4: rain and "people-ating"

On Thursday it rained and we stayed indoors (someone brought a homemade shoofly sheetcake, which I ate several big chunks of). Judi showed us how to quickly and simply make little figures to "people-ate" our paintings. There are never any people in my paintings; it just never occurs to me!

For the rest of the day, we worked from photos. I didn't bring any with me, so I borrowed a couple of Shelby's photos from New Mexico. I think these were the best paintings I did all week. I went to Delaware to paint New Mexico.
This is a snowscene, but I haven't yet figured out how to finish it off along the bottom; I need more of those palmetto-like plants, I think, especially to break up the fingerlike formation plunk in the center! As Judi would say, not very thoughty.
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Ruth said...

The people and animal figures are great! And I love that last dune one, very very nice. It looks as though you had a lot of good practice. It's so cool to get away and also to learn new techniques, and get new inspiration. Thanks for sharing the results of your week!

And awesome that Peter built you a new porch! And will you be painting it soon?

Mineke Reinders said...

Welcome back, Laura! I've missed you, happy to see so much new work! I really like that vignette, the colors are glorious and the loose treatment of the tree is just perfect. Also, the people (and animal) sketches, so much fun to do! And your New Mexico paintings are wonderful, too. Again, the unfinished one looks finished to me,that pristine white in the foreground is wonderful, I wouldn't touch it. Just crop it a little bit off center, and it's perfect. I agree about the Sheeler influence, too, he was so great at getting the essence of shapes and light, I can see what you are getting at. Wonderful, all of this, thanks for sharing :))

laura said...

Hi, Ruth. It is always great to meet new painters and try painting another subject. I enjoyed doing the little figures ... Maybe I'll add a little kayaker to a marsh painting!
It's been raining since I got home, but I think a portrait of one of my cats on the new porch may be in my future ...

Wow. Thanks, Mineke. The colored background exercise was interesting--not something I'd ever think of doing on my own. It was nice to have a background to work against, which was the thing I liked best about doing pastels.
It was a good week--the best thing about any workshop, regardless of what you come home with, is, to me, being immersed in painting--9 to 5 and sometimes beyond!--for a whole week. What a luxury!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Laura, groovy, fun loose color.. wonderful!!!


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