Monday, April 21, 2008

ranchos de taos

Two more views of the Ranchos de Taos church. In the top one--the view painted by O'Keeffe--I used glazing, starting with yellow and adding layers through blue and violet; though, as you can see from the runbacks, I put down some glazes before the previous was fully dry, which is a must if you want a smooth finish (which I don't particularly ...).
These are small and careful. I like the subject and like to do them big and sloppy! Maybe when I have more space and time.
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Suzanne said...

Beautiful! These are great subjects for your technique.

Ruth said...

Oh, these are great!

Thanks for answering my question last post. I can see wanting to paint this type of (is it mission?) architecture. In a way it IS organic, I think, even though man-made. said...

hey there girl you were in my hometown. that church is right down the way from me. And you did a beautiful job on both of them. Georgia would have loved them
peace n abundance,


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